Equipment rental

To find that piece of equipment you need



Equipment rentals are valid for one half day during your challenge. Equipment must be picked up at the Sun Life Pentathlon des neiges service tent before your challenge and returned immediately after your challenge. We will keep a piece of identification as a guarantee for your rental. Please note that there will be no refunds.



Nordic blades$80
Snowshoes 722$35
* Taxes and service charges are extra.

2024 informations coming soon

Reservation request

This year, the Sun Life Pentathlon des neiges only offers snowshoe and Nordic blade rentals. We are sorry that we are unable to offer the other disciplines this year. Our long-time partner no longer offers this service, so we looked at every sales and rental company in the world and could not find any bikes or cross-country skis available. To all interested companies, you could make many participants happy by offering even a few models for rent!


For those participants who were not successful, you can always try to find a kind-hearted soul by posting your request on our Facebook group Coéquipiers recherchés. It is possible to rent cross-country skis at Echo Sports (550 rue du Marais, room 190) and Sports Maguire Sillery (2002, chemin Saint-Louis).


The loss of a partner has also resulted in a significant increase in the cost of renting Nordic blades and we are sorry about that. Remember that taxes and service fees are added to the posted prices and that quantities are limited. First come, first served!


The service is available until February 10, 2023. Reserve now!