Participant's essentials

Everything you need to know to prepare for your pentathlon and have even more fun on the big day.


How to dress

Don’t underestimate the risks associated with cold weather, especially the risk of frostbite, a cold burn that usually affects the extremities of the body (toes, ears) and exposed surfaces of the face (nose, cheeks, chin) and is painless, at least until it thaws in the heat. Fortunately, preventing frostbite is simple; just dress for the cold.

Private: Liability waiver and image rights

The practice of a sport involves risks, and each participant MUST complete and sign the liability waiver and the image rights authorization. It is the responsibility of the captain of each team to ensure that this document is completed by all teammates before participation in the event.


In order to guarantee equal and fair conditions of participation for all participants, rules are in place. It is the responsibility of each participant to be aware of the rules and to respect them. In the competitive challenges, race marshals will be present to ensure that these rules are respected. Penalties will be applied in case of violation of the rules.


Course modifications due to current snow conditions

To see the modifications concerned: here



Distances and routes are for indicative purposes only and may vary according to terrain and weather conditions.

Course – Regular pentathlon challenges

(number of laps varies according to challenge)

  • Team initiation challenge
  • Solo and tandem short-distance challenge
  • Short distance team challenge presented by WKND 91.9
  • Corporate challenge presented by Location Beauport
  • Health and Social Services Challenge (initiation and regular sections)
  • Long-distance solo and tandem challenge presented by Microbrasserie des Beaux-Prés
  • Long-distance team challenge presented by Eye Am


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Course – Untimed pentathlon challenges

(number of laps varies according to challenge)

  • Family and friends challenge presented by Quoi Faire
  • Social Integration Challenge

Course – School challenges

(number of laps varies according to challenge)

  • RSEQ-QCA Primary Challenge
  • RSEQ-QCA School Challenge – JC Ouellet

Course – Triathlon

(number of laps varies according to challenge)

  • Iceman sprint challenge presented by Videotron
  • Iceman classic challenge presented by Videotron
  • Iceman ultra challenge presented by Videotron


Course – Night Run

(number of laps varies according to challenge)

  • 5 km Challenge
  • 10 km Challenge

Equipment rental

Are you missing equipment to participate? Don't panic, it is possible to rent some. Be careful, quantities are limited.

Hotel accommodation

If you are registered for the Pentathlon des neiges, benefit from preferential rates at the Hôtel Château Laurier, a stone's throw from the Plains of Abraham.