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What is the difference between the Corporate Challenge and the Short Distance Challenge?

Outreach and visibility! Although the race courses are the same, these two days of challenge races are completely different.

The Corporate Challenge not only gives you the chance to give your company excellent visibility on our website, through your team name on the bib and at the microphone during the animation, but also to display your colors directly on the site by installing a tent or a kiosk in the colors of your company, intended to welcome or encourage the participating members of the Pentathlon and their supporters. This is a day where team spirit and a sense of belonging are king.

Also, through the Corporate Challenge, you support the well-being of the society by contributing to the project “Objectif Forme” project. The Short Distance Challenge does not provide these benefits.

We are a group of adult friends. Can we register for the Family and Friends Challenge?

No. The Families and Friends Challenge is for a clientele of children. Check the Family and Friends Challenge page for the maximum age requirements to participate in the challenge.

What is a Le Mans start?

The start of the Pentathlon des neiges has a Le Mans type bike start. Cyclists must first start the race by running. They must then recover their bike previously installed a few hundred meters away. Once their bike is recovered, they have to run to the boarding line, where they can then get on their bike.


What kind of bike, tires or helmet are required to complete the race?

All types of bicycles are allowed on the condition that they are fitted with grip tires (crampons or metal cleats). Smooth tires (with or without grooves) are prohibited (see the Regulations). Here are some examples of accepted and rejected tires. Wearing an approved helmet is mandatory (bike helmet, hockey, etc.) (see the Regulations).

For the ski stage, we have to take a classic step or skate step?

Both types are allowed. Classic and skate skiing area are available throughout the course.

What are Nordic blades?

Nordic blades are skate blades that fit on your cross-country ski boots in seconds. They save a lot of time during the transition of the skate step.

For the snowshoeing stage, what type of snowshoe is recommended?

All types of snowshoes are accepted. Since the course is groomed, you do not need very large snowshoes. The smaller they are, the easier it will be to run. However, the size of the snowshoes must be greater than 18 centimeters (7 inches) wide by 51 centimeters (20 inches) long.



The fee to participate in the team short distance challenge is a per person or team rate?

This is an amount for the team. You must divide this amount by the number of people who make up your team to know the actual cost per person. The rule is the same for all team or tandem entries.

Can I register a team right away even if I am not yet finished recruting my team?

Yes, but you will need to provide information from at least 3 people to complete a valid form.

You can always add the missing members a little later, by logging into your customer account on the MS1 registration site.

If I register for a challenge today and want to change my challenge or category later, will it be possible?

Challenge and category changes are always possible as places are still available. However, you must plan to pay the additional fees related to such a change of challenge. The price to pay will be the difference between the price you paid (the price of the challenge only) and the value of the challenge you want to register on the day of the request.

If you have registered for a challenge on November 10th and wish to make a change on February 8th, we will take into account the February 8 rate to calculate the amount owed.

Conversely, no refund will be made for a change to a less expensive challenge or formula.

I am registered in tandem and my teammate cannot race anymore. What is happening?

You can find someone to replace your teammate and complete a new tandem.

You can join the Pentathlon des neiges Facebook group – coéquipiers recherchés to do a search among interested people. Otherwise, it is possible to convert the tandem entry for a solo entry if you are able to complete the challenge alone. Contact us as needed.

I am captain of a team and a member has just withdrawn, can we cancel our registration?

No. In this case, you will need to find another person to replace the person who has withdrawn or complete the challenge with the remaining members of your team.

You can join the Pentathlon des neiges Facebook group – coéquipiers recherchés to do a search among interested people.

A cyclist is missing on our team, can you help us? I am alone and available to join a team, can you help me?

We do not offer a meeting service between athletes. However, we invite you to join the Pentathlon des neiges Facebook group – coéquipiers recherchés to search among interested people.

Can I complete my registration other than the Internet?

No. This is the only way to register for the event. Contact us if you have any problem to complete your registration.