Changes in the sports disciplines


No, no, rest assured… we haven’t changed the disciplines of the Winter Pentathlon per se (although, according to some Decathlon Holiday Challenge publications, the idea of replacing cycling with snowmobiling, or cross-country skiing with sledding deserves to be taken further…), but rather we have changed the order in which these sports take place.

So the rumor is true, and some of you with a sharp eye have already noticed on our website: the finish is now the runner!

Here is the new order of sports disciplines for the Pentathlon: cycling, snowshoeing, skating, cross-country skiing and running.

No change for the duathlon and the Iceman which keep the same order as before, that is to say with a ski finish.

Why finish with the run?
For a more spectacular finish! Indeed, unlike the snowshoeing course which goes into the hills behind the museum, the running course remains on the so-called great plain. This allows spectators to follow the athletes more easily and to have a front row seat in case of a hot battle for first place.

On the sporting side, this will allow tired runners to feel encouraged by the public for longer, and above all, to finish with the “easiest” of the five events.