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Saturday 24 February 2024 | 13h30

Corporate Challenge

A challenge to the benefit of the youth!

Can you run, ski, skate or cycle for 20 to 40 minutes? Do you have colleagues, partners or clients with whom you would like to take on a stimulating, motivating and accessible challenge? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you must participate in the Sun Life Pentathlon des neiges!

≈ 23 km
≈ 1h30 - 3h
  • To participate with colleagues
  • To give myself a personal / accessible challenge


The 19th Sun Life Pentathlon des neiges Corporate Challenge

The Sun Life Pentathlon des neiges is the world’s largest winter multi-sport event. Professionally supervised and based on “accessibility for all”, over 6,112 athletes of all levels participated in the event in 2023. It’s also for you!

Create a unifying and festive event within your organization!

You will have to complete the 5 stages of your pentathlon in relays with your teammates. Each participant must complete 1 of the 5 stages. Each stage lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, so it is accessible to everyone, regardless of their level and physical condition. Whether you have snowshoes or sinew, the latest skis or skateboards, everyone can take up the Corporate Challenge.

To the benefit of nearly 3,000 young people in the region

By registering for the Corporate Challenge, you will finance the participation of 1,000 children from families in need in extracurricular activities. In addition to contributing to the sense of belonging and health of your colleagues and employees, you will allow more than 1,900 students to participate in one of the two Invitational School Tournaments – elementary and secondary.

  • $90,000 was redistributed thanks to the revenues generated by the Corporate Challenge, in an edition not affected by the pandemic;
  • $30 000 are donated to the “Objectif Forme” program to enable more than 1,000 children from families in need to enroll in an after-school activity;
  • $60,000 was used to finance 75% of the participation fees of 1,900 elementary and secondary students in the Pentathlon.

The Corporate Challenge : above all, an original and friendly challenge to be carried out as a team!

For the challenge, the cause and the fun

Get a chance to win one of the two trophies at stake:

Corporate Challenge Champion

First team to cross the finish line. In addition to the trophy awarded to the winning team, medals are awarded to the top three teams in each category.

Champion of conviviality

The most coveted trophy, it is awarded to the most original, dynamic and charismatic team. Be flamboyant and visible. Have fun! Invite your co-workers to come and cheer you on to help you win this prestigious trophy! Make the challenge a must for your company!

By registering 5 teams or more, you also benefit from a trophy to be awarded to one of your organization’s teams according to your criteria. More details in the “exclusive offer” section.

Benefits included with registration

  • Participation in the race;
  • A post-race snack;
  • Personalized bibs with your organization’s name;
  • Refreshments and supervision;
  • A souvenir gift for each participant;
  • Access to an exceptional rate for lodging at the Château Laurier Hotel during the event;
  • Visibility and advantages for your organization (1 to 4 teams).

Visibility and advantages for your organization (1 to 4 teams)

By registering 1 to 4 teams, you get…

  • Integration of your company name with the names of your teams;
  • Logo and hyperlink to your website on the Pentathlon website;
  • Logo on the honor roll of the Corporate Challenge;
  • Your corporate tent on site during the event to welcome your employees, families and friends.

Exclusive offer (registration of 5 teams or more)

  • A trophy bearing the name of your organization will be awarded to the team of your choice, among your teams, according to your own criteria.
  • Once you have 5 teams registered, in addition to the basic benefits, you will receive a “Pentathlon 101” information session given directly at your company.
  • If you reach 10 teams, in addition to the basic benefits and the benefits for 5 teams, you will receive a free conference in your company, a Facebook post dedicated to your participation in the Pentathlon and a 10 x 20 space on the site during the Corporate Challenge day.
  • Once you reach 20 registered teams, in addition to the basic benefits, benefits for 5 and 10 teams, you will receive a private training session and a dedicated news item in the “Pentathlettre”, a newsletter sent to more than 14,000 Pentathlon des neiges subscribers.

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